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Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm EST
... cameras...... phere's reason to believe that manyytickets issueddby the city....areeflat out wrong. jeff abell is streaming liie &pevidence tonight a ptory you'll see first on fox, . jeff... 3 this camera here on cold spriig lane is at the heart of theeprobb tonight. the city admits some of the ciiattons issued fromm his camera have 'abnormal readings'..... nd if you &pdrrve a bus or a big rig.....ou could be a vvctim. victim. doing!"what you'rr possible than reviiw process ps more thorough review processsis possible than what you're doing!" the citt is now reviewing videos the city is now reviewiiggvideos and even testing these cameras wiih understand whats triggering - these readings...aadd trrggering these understand whats attempt vehiiles in an wwth large these camerassand even testing reviewing videos the city is now reviiwing videos and even the city is now wing videos reviewing videos and even testing these cameras with large vvhicles in an attempt understand whats triggering these reedings...and why. abell, fox 45, news at five. this isnt the first time the
Nov 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
... with several kidnappings... sexual assaults.../ in ...the city.../ andd.. baltimore countyy countyyattleastt.. montt.... - n... edmondsonn avenue... and... ingllside... during... the day....///25... year old... william campbell.../ and... 22-year old....kenyon waller... were... arrested last mmnth....//but ... they've... now been... p six... other crimes. (johnson) "the young women gunpoint and drivennto a at - neaaby apartment complex where campbell forred her at gunpoint to perform several sex acts." acts." both campbell... and waller... are... beeng held... without bail... in -&b. the murder triil is et... for the suupect accused of killing a ffostbuug state university student on campus. natssriends and familyy of kortneigh mccoy... have formed a gospel group in her mmmmry..n november th 2211... the 19 year old was breaking up a fighh at an oo campus felllw student, shanee liggins stabbed her..ortneigh's mother hopee her dauggter's deathh pill serve as tough lesson to youth about the importance of controlling anger.
Nov 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
.... and aasection of the city.. comess o a standstill. doww the street."r rolliig for now... street remaans closed .... -ad lib-in mt veenon kc foo 45 news at five. anddthe 600inch watermainn break oo charles and east 20-th streets that flooded roads and closed ddwntown businesses are still in repair, leaving a llo of citizens frustraaed. "this is outrageous i've stopped ountinn how many watermain breakk weeve had summer."no wordd n when that the monument street sinkkole better. because of heavy paans officials aren't expecting it to be fixed until mii--ecember. the sinnhole is also provvn to be very costly. the citt doubles its estimatee pte water main breaks are st.. causing traffic probllms toniggt tonight.bbandi proctor tells us what places to watch out foo. for. mapplibertyy0395 3the... man... behiid... one of tthemost beloved children's characters... pn t-v.../ is... under nattve kevin clash the voice of lmo is accused of having sex with an underage boy. the puppeteer who erforms as &pelmo on sesame ssreet is taking a leave of absence in the wake of t
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
of misconducc alllgationn againsttcity police officcrs prompts a responss from the mayor. payor.three city cops have been suspendee sincc friday amid criminal investigations. city'sscootroversial iolent impact crimes division, which targets voilent offenders.the three suspensions come shortly after nothee officer in the saae unit was charged last month with lying on a search the mayor says it's all part of he prrcess of holding officers accountable. 22:42: 51"you can haanle these thingssdifferent ways.. yyu theerug and go for weeks and years ithouth talking about the incident becuase you're style. when i came on board, i said thht the city deserves bet" better."the latest city police officer whh was suspended is county. offfcials there aren't &preleasing detaals about the case. now that maryland voters have approvedquestion expand casino is already startinn to hire more workers. workers.john rydell... as... more from mmryland... live.../ at... aaundel mills.../ will... soon be... a hht commodity... 3 (rydelll "youucannalreadd play pable ga
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
-thousand. the report also shows there economic impact to the city was about the same. "race on" officialsssay they aren't surprised by the numbers... given the shhrt time they had 4924 it's like the ravens in 2000, there's a hundred page playbook for a race,,but we only ran three pages,,three wanted to in the gamee this - playbook 37 organizers plan to do that with ssme chaages inncudingglowering the price of tickets. speaking of which... they'll begin selling tickets next month... in opes of taking advantage of the holiday shoppiin season. myranda steehens, fox45 neww at 5. 3 a former baltimore puulic orks employee pleads guilty tt &pstealing more han 30-thousan overtime. &p christine hoopee worked at center between september 2009 - ann aprill2011.... when prosecuttrs say she filed nearly 34 thousaad dollarr in &povertime for work she didn't dd.she plead guilty today to one count of theft and rrceivee a one-year suspended sentenceeshe's also ordered to repay the city more thann 22-thousand ddolars. he was given credit for the rest rom her unused sick leeve and vacati
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
... bout 19-thousand customers are still waiting. closer o home... / the ocean city pier... left damaged... by sandy... will soon be... rebuilt..../ that'... meehan... / who says the pier... has the town and its visitors...//. meehan... in time for the summmr rebuilt - expected to be very expensive. -- react to story -- rain for much of the morning... 3 a marriage broken uu over pooiticss..the aat that landed a man's wife in jail... and her husband in thh hospital... poming up. a bird inside an aafillate of - the pharmacy... at the center of deadly meningitts outbreak. also uncovered other unsteeile conditions and failures at pmeridose l-l-c... including improper claasiiicction of patient complaints.the findings were detaiied in a 20- page report. aaeriiose issued a statement saying it is, quote: "ccmmitted to pddressing all observations." the westborough, massacchsetts-based ccmpany england compounding center phat's been blamedd or a nationwide outbreak of funnal llast 31 people... including a pptient in maryland... have ied. digiial tablets... su
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6